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Crystal Head Vodka - Citywide Drinks

Crystal Head

Crystal Head Vodka embodies a unique blend of purity, craftsmanship, and mystique. Created by actor Dan Aykroyd and artist John Alexander, this award-winning spirit is distilled multiple times from the highest quality Canadian corn and pristine Newfoundland water.

Encased in a striking crystal skull bottle, Crystal Head Vodka stands as a symbol of artistic expression and exceptional quality. Free from additives and impurities, it offers a smooth, clean taste that captivates vodka enthusiasts worldwide.

Whether sipped neat, in cocktails or used as a collector's item, Crystal Head Vodka promises an unparalleled drinking experience that transcends ordinary spirits.

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CRYSTAL HEAD VODKA, 70CL - Citywide Drinks CRYSTAL HEAD VODKA, 70CL - Citywide Drinks
Crystal Head Vodka, 70cl Sale price£43.99